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Freedom Within


The Freedom Within Course (Christian based counselling insights). This course consists of 5 modules: Module 1: Change Module 2: Beliefs/Assumptions Module 3: Depression/Anxiety/Anger Module 4: Grief & loss/Guilt & Shame/Forgiveness & Trust Module 5: Life Development/Attachment/Fundamental Emotional Needs/Self-Esteem Sam Anderson the Director of Freedom Counselling Ministries developed these courses a number of years ago to be delivered within church group settings. After popular demand, Sam has now made the material available online. The Freedom Within Course explores many useful counselling insights and concepts. Whether you are new to counselling, been on journey for a while, a counselling student or a qualified professional this course is for you. Sam has a way of simplifying concepts and insights in a very user-friendly way, allowing a safe platform to embark on the journey to better mental and emotional health. The online course is structured into 5 modules, for you to navigate at your own speed. Feel free to revisit them as needed. Additionally, each module comes with an audio recording with further insights to enhance your learning experience. Thank you for purchasing this resource. The hope is that this course will empower you and facilitate positive change in your life. Disclaimer: While this course offers guidance for self-improvement, it is not a substitute for professional mental health. Individuals are advised to seek appropriate professional help if required.



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